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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mom's Memorial service

We did the final service for Mom on Wednesday the 25th of March. There were about 30 people that came to the service and about 10 more support people ie: serving ladies, funeral directors, Pastor and wife, etc. The dvd of pictures was running while we greeted people and everyone seemed to like that very well. She recieved 4 plants and 5 floral arrangements besides the two that I had ordered. These are the two that I ordered in the photo and the Urn for her ashes. Very nice. Mom loved Gladiolas and the florist got some for the boquet. We had a nice lunch afterward. We planned for 50 people and had three sandwiches left and a couple handfulls of chips. The ladies brought cake and they were very good. Got to see a lot of people I had not seen in ages. Mostly from Henry's family. A step daughter and the kids of an old neighbor of Mom's, course they are in their 60's or so. We have recieved many cards of condolences and really appreciate them and knowing that people are thinking of us. Sometimes it seems so strange that the world and everything is still going on as usual! I want to scream at everyone to stop for at least a little while and notice that "My Mommy is Dead" This too shall pass. That is what I keep repeating to myself. I got lots of hugs on that day, just not the most important hug of all, my mom's........I will miss her a lot. Bye Mom.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

A Tribute to my Mom

This is my mom with my brother Tom and his wife Socorro. They were here two years ago for a visit from San Francisco. They took mom on a trip to Chicago to visit some of her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

Mom died on Wednesday early morning this week. The 18th I got the call from the nursing home that she had left us. Well, I asked them how she could do that as she couldn't walk and so who took her out. Yah, I didn't get it right away. It was somewhat unexpected. She had broken her hip last month the 19th and just was not recovering right. We think that it was the aortic anurisym that burst. She was in a lot of pain that was not dulled enough by all the pain med she was recieving, so it was good she did not stay longer. But no one had expected her to die so no one called me to come down. When I went to the Home I was still having a bit of trouble with the idea that she was really gone so prodded her a couple times and held her hand, nobody was in there tho. So when the funeral home people came I had to let her go. Made the arrangements and worked the next day. As I worked and knew I wanted to say something about mom's life for her funeral I came up with a sorta poem. I am not a writer or a poet so it isn't the greatest but it expresses my ideas about my Mom's life and means things to me.

My Mom has had a long and weary life

She has been a daughter a mother a wife

Mom worked hard and endured much;

pain and abuse, wars and such.

Happiness, Joy and Peace at times.

Mom took Pleasure in the simple things;

A deer, a pond, fishing and friends

So sorry that it all had to end.

She became a person on whom you could depend.

As a Mom to all us Kids, she wiped our noses and kept us clean,

Mom did notwant to be thought mean;

so discipline was carefully applied.

There came a time when she had to part,

or stay and watch with a broken heart,

what should not be, but was.

Mom went on to find a love so true,

who lived with her his whole life through.

She was his heart and soul.

It is hard to watch the years go past,

and see a loved one as they go,

into the twilight time of life.

My Mom lived a Good life.

They aren't the same as once you knew,

But they still look the same to you.

Your Mom is at the Heart of You!

She loved us all better than we knew!

Thank You Mom for giving Me Life.

I will live a Good Life.


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Saturday, March 14, 2009

More pix of horses

More pictures of Lightening soon after she was born. Don't know what you call her color. She turns white in the summer and is almost that reddish brown with the white underneath in the wintertime. The second photo is the whole family at that time. In the front is Thunder Boy on the right and Whitey the Dad on the left. In back is Cheyenne and the baby Lightening. We have continued on with weather names and the newest fillie's name is Storm. I am hoping for a colt next year to name him Tornado! Think that would be a cool name.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nakid Sheep!!

Looks like I did this right. First picture is of the Shear's at work on Snow in the back and Bessie in the front. That is Wayne and Bruce Drew from Jasper, Mn. Shearing day was fast and busy with tagging and bagging and marking and hauling pregnant ewes off to the barn for the waiting time. Bessie got sheared first due to the fact that we found her with a new lamb when we joined the shear's. Unfortunely we lost her today and her lamb. Probably a vitamin deficiancy and lack of protein.
We had twins born yesterday to one of the Jacob ewes, Dutchess, We lost one of her twins to it getting caught in the fence while we were away at work. Rod was finally able to get a heat lamp up in the ewe pen to warm everyone up in this bitter cold weather we are having. -7 this morning and no better tonite other than no wind. The other two pictures are the before and after of the flock. After shearing they were all sniffing each other and everyone was strangers. Made for some interesting fights out in the yard later that day when they got let out of the shed. Fleeces of any of these sheep is for Sale unskirted as is for $4. a pound for adult and $6. a pound for lamb fleece plus shipping. Full or 1/2 fleece only please. It would include some tags and hay and vm and a bit of second cuts. Tried to grab off second cuts going into the bags but we were just tooo busy. The whole operation from them coming to us getting back into the house took 1 1/2 hours. Not bad at all. It would have take me a whole lot longer than that.

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