Eve The Fiber Fanatic

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Finally an Update

Well finally getting around to the Blog. Been only moderately busy since I last posted. Just is sometimes a pain to do it. I want to put lots of pictures on here and it won't upload them nicely. Unless I use another service to upload them and then paste that link in here, yadda, yadda, yuk. Takes lots of time to do all that. Then I do not have time to work on things. Like playing with my new Charkha. Or all the new fiber I got back from the wonderful processor. Or processing some for my self. Been mixing up some silk, alpaca and some of Snow's merinoX wool. Then spinning it on a drop spindle. I got to meet a fellow crafter and fiber friend last Saturday. Tina is very nice and so kind. Glad I could get to meet her and gift her with a bit of fiber to enable, I mean, uh, Help her get more stash up. Heheheh, actually I think it will get her more involved with the fiber. Like major addicted to different fibers, like I am! I need more addicts in my circle to validate my addiction!!!