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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nakid Sheep!!

Looks like I did this right. First picture is of the Shear's at work on Snow in the back and Bessie in the front. That is Wayne and Bruce Drew from Jasper, Mn. Shearing day was fast and busy with tagging and bagging and marking and hauling pregnant ewes off to the barn for the waiting time. Bessie got sheared first due to the fact that we found her with a new lamb when we joined the shear's. Unfortunely we lost her today and her lamb. Probably a vitamin deficiancy and lack of protein.
We had twins born yesterday to one of the Jacob ewes, Dutchess, We lost one of her twins to it getting caught in the fence while we were away at work. Rod was finally able to get a heat lamp up in the ewe pen to warm everyone up in this bitter cold weather we are having. -7 this morning and no better tonite other than no wind. The other two pictures are the before and after of the flock. After shearing they were all sniffing each other and everyone was strangers. Made for some interesting fights out in the yard later that day when they got let out of the shed. Fleeces of any of these sheep is for Sale unskirted as is for $4. a pound for adult and $6. a pound for lamb fleece plus shipping. Full or 1/2 fleece only please. It would include some tags and hay and vm and a bit of second cuts. Tried to grab off second cuts going into the bags but we were just tooo busy. The whole operation from them coming to us getting back into the house took 1 1/2 hours. Not bad at all. It would have take me a whole lot longer than that.

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