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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Old negatives

This is the coolest thing to do. I have a whole bunch of these old negatives from the 1940's into the 1960's. Most are outsized for modern photo printing equipment, so it is somewhat expensive to have them individually done at around $2.50 or more per negative. With over a hundred negatives and more curiousity than finances I am searching for ways to see these without it costing me a whole lot of $$. So this is the way I found this out. I called a local photographer who suggested putting them on a light box and photographing them with a digital camera. Find a photo program that will change positives to negatives and use that as it will do the reverse on a negative. Well I took the photo chip to the local photo place and they pulled the neg pix from the camera card and played with their program till they stumbled on the Way to Do It. Well in looking around in our programs for photos I found that I could do this myself. We have a Nero photo essentials program that will do this.
Some of the things that I have found out in doing this: No flash on the camera. Set your camera to text or museum or flower. Play around till you get the result that you want. You are going to have odd ghosts of things show up in the finished item this is not a perfect solution just cheap. If you really need perfect take it to the photo place and pay the $$. I also had to turn all the lights out in the room I was doing this in as any extra light caused more "Ghost" things to show up. Don't worry you can adjust a lot of the dark and light issues with most programs. Relax and have fun with it. Try not to loose your negatives always showing them off. I lost my first batch as I showed them to anyone who would be patient and kind enough to look. I lost em somewhere so I only have the pictures of the negatives that are on my camera card. Guard those negatives! Turn off the automatic dating of the pictures! You can crop it out but you loose some of the picture doing that!
Above picture was originally taken at Christmas 1952 by my Father. That is my Mother and my older sister looking over my older brother's shoulder to see what he got for Christmas and me over in the corner doing my own thing as usual. I can tell when this photo was taken by content and me being a baby. I was born in June of 1952.

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