Eve The Fiber Fanatic

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Whoppo

Well, he was posing very nicely for the picture shoot but by the second photo posted you can tell that he was reallyyyy not very happy with this photo business anymore. This dog is sooo expressive in his looks and vocalizing. Course I did take about 10 pictures of him to get all angles and looks trying to get the "perfect" picture. Acutally I think these two are pretty great for showing his character.

Whoppo One Year Old

Update on Whoppo. This is Whoppo on his birthday! One year old and 67.5 pounds. I took him in for a grooming. He jumps into the bathtub and onto the table himself for me. If he wasn't such a gorgeous and wonderful friend we woulda got rid of him as he is a very high maintance dog. He is constantly tearing things up, like the rails off the porch, a sheep, a whole chair, and all the potted planters on the porch. When do they stop chewing up everything???