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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tour de France

Ok, I dropped out of the tour. Fell off I did! Not enough stamina I guess and then all those distractions along the way. I did get 1 and 1/2 bobbins of flax spun. I will wheel on as I can.

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New Baby!

Here's the new Baby for this year.. A Filly Keeping with our weather theme for names Rod declared her "Tornado". She has a medicine hat and may keep most of the color on that. She is also sporting a shield on her chest! Born yesterday 7/28/09. Heheh I use this blog as a record to remember facts sometimes. That looks like her sister Lighting over on the right side of the picture. Mom's name is Cheyenne and the parents are registered on the Spanish Mustang Registry. Dad is pure white with one blue eye.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Tour de Fleece update

Well did not work on my tour this weekend. Am getting addicted to Farm Town on Facebook. I spend tons of time on that instead. Also Doing the Sunshine Ranch game. Maybe highspeed internet was not such a great idea to get more time. I just get into more things faster.
I did get the dye powders I got from Dori transferred to jars. At least some of each one. She sent an over abundance of each color. 15 colors! Now my porch and almost every thing on it is colored with tiny-to-large splotches of colors, mostly the turquise and one of the pinks. Interesting. At least the porch was in need of painting anyway so not a big issue. It does not come through well in pictures so no pix.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tour De Fleece

Well I changed my mind about making it a murled yarn. I am going to spin and ply the colors seperately. I think I am going to use it for warp for some bookmarks for a weaving bookmark exchange. Gonna do a linen warp and woolen weft. Then it will be Linsey-woolsey! So keeping the colors distinct would be more helpful.

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Tour de Fleece

I got started on my Tour de Fleece challenge on Sunday. After spending the day Saturday finishing what was on the old wheel I decided not to use that wheel as it is acting real putzy. So I got out a couple bobbins for the Mazurka and started with the natural colored flax that I found. It weighted 3.5 oz. then I will spin the bleached Irish flax (linen), which weighted 3.7 oz., and ply the two together for strength, which they say you don't need too but I want to use it for warp and not to sure of the evenness of my spinning. Some pretty thin spots there. Will work on it being more consistant but I like some variance so I am not too concerned. I love the tweady, barber pole effect of plying two different colors together too. Gives a lot more interest to the yarn. I think I will aim for a Linsey-Woolsy fabric. Traditionally that is Linen warp and wool weft. I got plenty of yarn around to use for the weft.

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Le Tour de Fleece

I have Joined the Tour De Fleece
Rules are to set yourself a challenge that has to do with spinning. Can be almost anything this year to be completed between July 4th and July 26th. Mostly working along the times that the Tour De France race is running.
I have chosen as my project to locate and spin up some linen rovings that I have had for some time. I think they are around here somewhere so as soon as I find them and get the other project off the spinning wheel I will begin on my challenge. I can begin tomorrow by finding the rovings. I have never spun linen before so this will be a new thing also.

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