Eve The Fiber Fanatic

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Who's The Daddy?

Meet "Choco" Daddy to all those cute lambs. He's all Shetland. Awesome looking fellow, ain't he? Don't get on his bad side. Really he looks awesome but he is not much bigger than a Golden Retreiver. But he does spend a LOT of time bashing those horns on just about anything at all. That flatbed farm trailer behind him for one. But more than anything he loves a good scratching and comes a running for that. And he gets along with the dog so far. The momma's hate the dog of course as any good momma would. But he did not like it when we took the "Girls" away to await their lambs and butted me. So definitely to be respected and watched, especially when it comes to "His" herd.

Jubilee's Lamb

Jubilee had this little fellow on the 28th of March and had a hard time of it. We had to help her with him and pull him. Then she did not want to nurse him. She licked him and cooed at him but refused to let him near those Teat's. So we have had to go out and hold her for him to nurse. She still won't let him nurse although he has gotten quite creative at getting sips in. Very vigorous fellow. He and Fluffy's lamb who was born two weeks earlier are almost the same size.

Snow's Lambs

These cuties were born the 13th finally after a long wait for her to have her lamb she presented us with Twins. Both boys and sooo cute. She managed it all by herself, Good Girl.

He is growing!

Well he is still cutest thing ever but I miss the floppier ears of a couple weeks ago. And he must weight around 30 pounds or so now. Still trashing the house and I may have to do some dental work if he keeps chewing on my spinning wheel! But still not wanting to go outside to the bathroom without me. It's cold out there right now. He loves that but it is too cool for me.

Cutest Ever picture

Is this not the cutest cuddliest thing you have ever seen. Well Yah, he's mine so I am a "little" pregidist on the cute issue, but not much!