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Monday, February 15, 2010


Haven't updated this blog for quite a while. Snowed in again today. Lots of SNOW! Well, not as much as the East coast got but our accumulation is as much at around 55 inches of snow. It's not been melting either this year. So when these huge piles start melting it is gonna be a MESS. I do not look forward to that either! Especially to coming home to the dog as a mud ball from head to toe, and having to drag him into the tub and scrub him off so the house and us do not end up looking the same. Yep the snow is almost to the top of those 4 foot fences! This is not the shoveled stuff either. Whoppo just loves to go diving into the drifts. Right after this photo he fell into the drift a bit behind him. There is a crust on the lower level of the drifts where it rained and froze the snow underneath so it is easier for him to walk on top of the drifts.
The other picture was driving to work a couple weeks ago. Hmmm, real fun huh??? Not! white knuckles all the way. A good year to spend the winter at home if you ask me. Nobody else seems to like that idea tho. Everyone still wants their dogs groomed. I look at roads like those and want to say cut em yourself and I'll fix em in the spring for you. hmmm, that doesn't seem to go over.

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