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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Finally an Update

Well finally getting around to the Blog. Been only moderately busy since I last posted. Just is sometimes a pain to do it. I want to put lots of pictures on here and it won't upload them nicely. Unless I use another service to upload them and then paste that link in here, yadda, yadda, yuk. Takes lots of time to do all that. Then I do not have time to work on things. Like playing with my new Charkha. Or all the new fiber I got back from the wonderful processor. Or processing some for my self. Been mixing up some silk, alpaca and some of Snow's merinoX wool. Then spinning it on a drop spindle. I got to meet a fellow crafter and fiber friend last Saturday. Tina is very nice and so kind. Glad I could get to meet her and gift her with a bit of fiber to enable, I mean, uh, Help her get more stash up. Heheheh, actually I think it will get her more involved with the fiber. Like major addicted to different fibers, like I am! I need more addicts in my circle to validate my addiction!!!


  • At 1/27/07, 5:45 AM, Blogger Shayla said…

    Hi Eve
    consider me as one of your "fiber addict" pals. I have 5 raw sheep fleeces and 25 raw llama fleeces in my basement waiting for me. Also my craft room has (I'm scared to count) many pounds of fiber of all colors and kinds. I best get busy and get off the internet!! Fun, Fun, Fun! Gotta use up some to make room for the new stuff coming in when I go to the FiberFest in Lake Elmo in the spring.
    Have fun!


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