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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New family member!?

Haven't named her yet but made her since the Dec. 6th Fiber Guild winter fiber day. I learned how to do the head then in a workshop that Helen Hopkins taught. Thanks Helen. Then I went home and after a week decided that she needed a body to go with the head so away I went on that. Only going to show the backside of the nakid pix. The front is as well detailed and so is not appropiately modest for my blog. She is all that I am not!! Tall, long legged and long waisted with a nice tidy figure and reasonably well endowed. All needle felted no armature. She does not quite stand on her own she is braced against the machine. The sitting pose is before she got her skin put on. A friend has volunteered to make her some clothes as I have none for her. She is wrapped in a cover cloth I use for my bobbin lace pillow. This was fun to do but another thing to get obsessed about??!!!

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