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Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Sheep

Wow, I love the pictures I get of the sheep in the winter. The first one is of the "new" to us Jacob sheep that we bought from the Zoo. We lost one of them to our dog getting in the pen. He is now on constant tie up. He gets to run loose maybe once a week rather than the free roam he was used to. About a week after we found the one we were missing another sheep. Lots of wool was found out in the horse pasture but nothing else. We are pretty sure coyotes got her. It was our two year old Jubilee. Mom to the all black sheep in the second picture. The other picture with the cute line up behind the branch is of the "boys" Left end is Buddy Boy's 2 year old ram lamb, then we have "Snow's" twin lambs born last spring. The one with his head down has caused us some trouble with getting out of the pen and having a run around a couple times. The black one is Jubilee's spring lamb. Quite a cute fellow. Wish he hadn't broken his leg early in the summer. But he is doing well now and does not seem to have any problems keeping up with the others. I think they look so funny in that line, all the boys other than those standoffish Jacob's. Now that curious one looking over the back of her mother "Fluffy" is named "Lilly" she was soooo pretty when she was born and had brown spots on her legs to show that she was out of Choco. She unlike the other twin boys does not sport the horns or the longer "shetland" style of wool. She will lean toward the merino in her wool. None of the lambs except the black one got a shave yet. He got shaved by accident. I wasn't out soon enough when the shearer got there to say not to shear that fellow. The wool was soft and nice but very short, as he was not very old. Definitely grew it back well.


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  • At 1/16/09, 8:56 PM, Blogger Barbara Gordon said…

    I wish I felt as warm as they look. I know it's colder up there by you, but here is southern WI, it's cold enough for me!


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