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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fleece to Shawl Part 2 finishing

I do believe that this one is by the team from Brookings. That is a Tri-Loom and they were spinning up some wonderful mixed wools with wonderful glints of color. Very bulky, as a tri-loom takes a very bulky yarn to weave with.

This is the team's shawl that is from Watertown I believe. This is not able to show the lovely extra thread laid into the plain weaving as an accent with a small loop of the yarn left loose for texture.

Here is the team that finished first. I will not try to name them cause I can't remember all the names. You have to see and feel this one to really get a good idea of it. They did this on a rigid heddle loom with a thread left out every 7th slot. They made a very textured yarn in a mohair, wool blend, hmmm, yummy.

Thats all of us that worked on the shawl. Bobbie, Joni, Johanna, Barb, ME, and Amy.

The two ends of the shawl. Braided ends


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