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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

June Vacation

June vacationing in the Black Hills, SD with Whoppo. So here are my two hansome guys up on a cliff overlook in Custer State Park. We had a great time and Whoppo did good till the last evening there and he kinda went nuts and started full tilt running to the end of the leash and full turn and run the other way till he toppled me over and got loose in the campground. Boy did he have fun. Only got him when he got interested in what one campsite had on the grill. Yep, he's a chowhound. My guess is that he just got real tired of the restrictions of a leash or tye out for so long. Whoppo did love hiking but Rod had to take the leash most of the time as Whoppo pulled too much with me and made hiking dangerous for me. Although it was most handy on uphill slopes!

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