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Friday, May 05, 2006

Spring babies are Here!!!!

This little darling arrived in the middle of the nite sometime between May 1st and 3 am on May 2nd. Rod came in all excited that the foal was here from his 3 am check. Mom did well all by herself on this birth too! We are so thankful for these good births. We had to wait till daylight to go get pictures of him before his Mom led him away from us. They are doing well with Mom now having to keep up with the frisky little fellow.

Well, this lovely little fellow greeted us when we came home from church on the 23rd of April. We figure he was born around 1pm in the afternoon. "Snow" his mom did real good all by herself for the first time! Thanks Snow! Both are still doing well and the little one is growing like a weed. Certainly wish that Dehlilia and her babies had survived as it would have been so much fun to watch them all romping around in the field.


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