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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This is one of the cutest dogs that I do. His name is "Half Pint" He is real sweet and took to grooming very well. Loves to come and see me and does not act like it is a pain to get groomed. Some dogs act like I am really abusing them to do this. Then they go home and preen like they are the most beautiful things in the world. I hear the stories from their owner's on this. I do have a few like this fellow who do not want to go home and act like the owner is abusing them. With this one I know that is not the case. I do give a lot of love with the groomings that I do cause I believe they should want to come to me. It is something that will happen their whole lives and should not be an unpleasant thing to go through. for either of us.
Then I had the brilliant idea of looking out the front door and look what I found out that way. Gorgeous! God is So Good to Us to provide these beautiful scenes for us to stop and appreciate. It IS like the whole of Creation Celebrating! Why aren't we celebrating every day also???
This photo was taken from my back porch the tuesday after Christmas. Wow, I said as I let the cat out the back door. It just looked sooo cool outside with wonderful colors to the sunrise due to all the foggie conditions and lots of frost on the trees. Just had to share the beauty of it!


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