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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fiber bunny

Hi I realized that I had not posted a picture of my bunny. She is a French Angora and is named 'Freda'. We got her at the Sheperd's Harvest Festival last spring up by the 'Cities' Minneapolis/St.Paul. http://burroak.hypermart.net/festival.htm She was pretty cheap cause she is about 5 years old which is pretty old for a bunny so they don't want her to have anymore babies. Since I really don't want to deal with a lot of baby bunnies that worked out fine. I coulda got some nice baby bunnies there but bunnies are a lot of work. Especially fiber bunnies. Now that winter is here it is even worse as we have her out in this shed to keep her warmer and drier. I gotta tramp through all the snow to water her every day cause the temps are so cold the water freezes. With her up by the house it is easy and the water lasts at least 2-3 days and I can check her at nite if I forget. So don't look at those cute, cute little bunnies and think that they are not very much work. I still need to clean her cage out a bit while the weather is a bit warmer, she is getting great piles of frozen poop in her cage. nothing to be done about it when it is so cold, but as it warms a little I can get it scraped out a little. She needs a grooming too so maybe this afternoon that will be the activity.
Enjoy the Holidays


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