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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Been a few days since I posted. Whatever have I been doing with my time....Well...not a whole lot. I have been doing a lot of hand knitting some spinning and a lot of 'putering. I've had a lot of time off for the holidays. Of course we went out to the Black Hills of South Dakota for Christmas as I told in previous post. For New Year's we went visiting to Rod's family. His Auntie in Iowa and his sister in Worthington, Mn. Took most of the day on NYEve. Then of all things I SLEPT throught the midnight hour! I think I woke around 2 am for a little room trip and wished DH a Happy New Year! We had hoped to share a glass of our favorite Mogan David wine for the New Year and had put the 1/2 bottle left over from last year in the fridge. We don't drink a lot I guess. Well we did share that glass later on NYday. I made a very nice supper of sweet potatoes (dh's favorite) and porkchops with a glass of wine. Deliously simple. We never do last awake till New Year! Tis a fact that these things happen as you get older!
For knitting I have been doing a pattern that I won off of ebay of a pair of 1870's fingerless mittens with an openwork pattern on the back. Wellll.... they call for something called Andulasian wool and size 16 and 18 needles. Well in researching the needle size it should be sizes about 000 and 00000 in american present day sizes! Eek are these sizes of "Pins" available nowadays? Yes I have seen them especially for miniature work but not the easiest things to get hold of and to use them is gonna cause a headache for sure. Not that I couldn't do it that fine just do not think I want to deal with it that fine. Take me forever anyhow. So I did knit the pattern up in the size 0 that I do have on hand as is. They are of course much to big. I used some of my handspun merino yarn that was very finely spun. About a fingering weight. Even with smaller needles it would have turned out tooooo big with this yarn so the yarn called for must be reallly fine. Maybe a laceweight. Hmmm. I do have a laceweight yarn in stash that I bought the beginning of Dec. for a shawl.... I could somehow convert a couple of those antique double point metal needles I have to pins. Need to find something to put on the ends to keep yarn on em. But it is just as easy to convert the pattern to what I need for size. Since I only have the one size needle and its wants me to go down in needle size after the cuff I needed to double up some of the stitches so I doubled up all the knit stitches of the knit 2, purl 2 ribbing. I had decided that the cuff was close in size to what I needed so I only reduced it by 4 stitches. Since they were knit flat and the thumb comes off the side and increases till it is finished seperately I wanted that left but there was a lot of slack between my thumb and the lace on the back of the hand part so I reduced that area and kept the lace area the same then whatever was left is the other side and palm of hand. Whenever this lets me post a picture I will get one up of the finished unaltered mit on me. Very baggy. It takes hours of trying to get pictures to upload to this blog. A big pain in the you know what! Agravatting to the max.
Glad the I have a forgiving Savior as sometimes I need it real bad for the bad thoughts that I get. Sometimes words too. Even if there is noone there to hear or know it is still sin. And needs forgiveness. Just cause nobody else knows does not mean it is not sin. Some times I think that is the kind of sin that needs forgiveness more than the 'public sin'. Think about it. What are you hiding that needs to be brought to the forgiving sight of Christ. Nothing is 'Too Bad' for HIM to handle or hear! Anyway how unique could we possibly be! He's been listening to us since the Beginning of Time. Do You really think you have come up with something that is New. I really doubt it.
Eve--- going to try to upload some pix now.


  • At 2/10/06, 4:19 AM, Blogger Marji said…

    Eve, I have some of those 0000's. They are little metal rods, and my LYS stocks them in tubes. Undoubtedly the pattern you have is for lace gloves, and is meant to be knit from a thin crochet cotton. I'd love to see the pattern if you manage to get pics.


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