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Thursday, December 22, 2005

For Dale and Mary Ann

This is "Dolly" Yes she is real cute. She has one blue eye and one brown/blue eye. She is so small that she is a bit hard to do. She was hand raised by her very nice owner's. She just lost her 'mom' a couple months ago to a sudden heart attack. She was a very special person and we all miss her a lot. She had been in a nursing home for a while before this happened and had had a couple heart attacks already. She had been recovering from a broken hip and suffered from macular degeneration. I always knew her to be cheerful and helpful to everyone. The couple was very active in their church and I consider them a true christian witness in their lifestyle. I know that she resides now with God and is now truly well and whole, and waiting for her family to join her in due time. These are also true 'Pet' people and will never let an animal go abused or neglected. Patience is also one of their virtues. Patience with pet,people and life in general. So this is my tiny tribute to a fine wonderful couple who have been a joy to know and be of small service to. Love you both Dale and Mary Ann.


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