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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Here's the closer up of the sheep. The merino/shetland cross is a really cute girl. Very friendly but follows the example of the wild one more than not. Delihia sometimes come close if I have good stuff to give out, but will not let me touch her. The other two let me touch them a little. The wool feels quite stiff this time of year because of the cold. It hardens the lanolin grease in the wool. "Snow" feels very stiff and hard she has so much merino blood in her it gives her extra lanolin.
The bunny "Freda" got put in the old chicken house. A small building so she is out of the direct snow and winds. Hubby fixed a place in the barn all snug in the middle of the hay bales for her when the temps go down under -10 F. And got a heated dog water dish to put in with her. We don't have that out in the chicken house as no electric. So I go out with water every day. A warm 1/2 full bottle and make sure she starts drinking right away. Friday morning worried me a bit cause she did not go for the water right away like she usually does. But it was very frosty out that morning and she was also very frosty coated. I don't think she could see it well. She finally started drinking tho. Today I was late getting out to water her and she was wanting it right away. She has to get her water in before it freezes up. I cannot fill the bottle too full either or it will burst it. If I do not put enough in it will freeze too soon and she will not have enough.
The horses are doing well and the female is starting to look pregnant. It is going to hopefully be a wonderful time this spring with all the young ones about. I think my DH has been missing the young ones and animals to care for. Even if it is a pain in the *%# in the wintertime. He a farm boy at heart! Always will be.


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