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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Haven't had time to do much this spring and summer other than work and take care of the animals. I have been doing a lot of Demonstrations of fiber skills each weekend in June. Between April and May we had a very busy time with the animals at home. They were having their babies. We went to Sheperd's Harvest Festival in mid May. We brought home two sheep and 1 fiber bunny from there. Then the next day I heard of a local person selling their herd of Jacob sheep so got hold of them and we purchased a ewe lamb from them. So now we have a total of 5 sheep, 3 bunnies, and 3 horses! not to mention the cat population which seems to be remaining stable since there is only one female in the group she is not getting to raise her litter's. We have a hole in the back door screen and I am finding one of the outside cats sleeping in the kitchen every morning lately. hmmm maybe something needs to get done or maybe when our housecat goes to kitty heaven that may be the next housecat. Since so far he is behaving himself well and we are not seeing him on the counters, etc. As long as the whole bunch doesn't get the idea that they have house priveledges it might be ok.
Work has been extra busy too. I am working every day this week other than sunday. Next week I do get 4th of July off cause we are closed anyway. At least this week end I do not have a fiber event. But do need to go up to my sister's and help her out. Last weekend we went to West Bend, Iowa to The Grotto of Redemption a very beautiful Catholic site where a priest built a lot of little and big grottos to honor God and tell the Salvation Story. All built by hand and done in semi-precious rocks. It is just gorgeous and well worth a stop or a day trip to see. They give tours with a great history of the site. No charge but they do need the donations for upkeep. My sister being a bit of a rock hound was very impressed with the site and thought it well worth the 3 hours we drove to get there. And We Are NOT Catholic. So ya know this is a good place to go. Oh, and it has a small man made lake with ducks and SWANS with baby signats!!! Now how can you top swans! One of my most favorite things!
Got another infection in one of my right hand fingers. Same type of infection, a cellulitis type. It went into the sheath that the tendon goes through and is constantly swollen and varies in discomfort. Is worse in early morning for some reason. Dr. is starting to look at possiblity of other things going on that may be contributing to this infection thing. Like diabetes or a B12 diffecency, etc. Will do a fasting blood test next week for that to check those. If not any of those things than I go for a nerve study. Yukky, beentheredonethat! not fun, they stick needles in you!
Time to go to work! bye for now.


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