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Friday, November 11, 2005

Today I start a Tapestry workshop in Sioux Falls, SD. Greta Bodegaard is the teacher. I am hoping to learn some good techniques for using up more of my handspun yarns! The collection of yarn is growing but not moving out of the house very fast. I think if I spent a bit less time on this computer and more doing things I might get more done......Although it worked quite well to set the carder up last wednesday near the 'puter and while waiting for things to load up I got a lot of work done. The carder is borrowed from our Fiber Guild's Equipement. We have all kinds of books and equipement to rent. Guild members get to rent real cheap. And the Guild fee is only $20. a year and cuts the cost of things like workshops. The 3 day workshop that starts today is $100. for non-members and $50. for members so even if you want to attend and are not a member it would save you to sign up as member anyway.
I got all of the black wool and the shetland wool that I had washed carded up on wednesday. The last two nites I have been working on the cotswold. The breeder gave me a hint to use a bit cooler water to wash and that seems to have worked to cut down on the webbing of this fiber. Someone else on the spinfree list mentioned that it comes apart when it is dry better. Very unusual. Most wools I have found do not come apart so well after dry if they got matted or webbed in the wash, so I have been spending a lot of time pulling this stuff apart,,,,,,grr. Oh well I have several piles of this softly glowing creamy locks lying around to feel on.
Worked on plying the two bobbins of singles last nite. One bobbin held the cinnamon alpaca and the other the buffalo/alpaca/shetland mix. Since the buffalo mix is more brown than cinnamon, plying them together gives a sparky look. Very nice I like it. There is still some of the alpaca left on the bobbin that I will navaho ply sometime.
Off to workshop now.


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