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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hi finally getting a chance to post. Busy week so far and going to get busier.
Fiber Guild last nite. OOHH my the feature for last nite was surface design. Yummy fabrics from the Surface Design Group. And a CD show of even more surface design items.

I got some sample skeins done this weekend of the shetland and the cotswold. Here is the pix of the sample skeins.

And a close up picture. The two on the left are two of the colors in the shetland fleece. I have found 3 distinct color variations and have seperated them so as to get more colors. The one on the right is the cotswold. The picture does not do this justice at all. It is very glowing. The color shows nice but it does not show the glowing of the yarn. The one in the middle right was done in the grease then washed and is cotswold and that golden mohair at that I posted earlier carded together and the shetland carded then I pulled them into rovings and put the two together and spun them. Took them off the wheel with a nostipine and plyed them from the two ends of the ball. It created some interesting effects in the twist like little X's. It had been plyed from two balls it would not have done that. Learned a new thing for me.

I wish this did not take so long to do with my slow service but it does give me a chance to process some wool while I wait for things to load. I am working on some black wool that was given to me. The only thing they wanted was a couple pair of socks. And that is what it is good for or rugs. I mixed a bit of my supersoft black alpaca with some of it for the socks. Helped a bit. At least made it feel silkier if not a little softer.
Finished another pair of socks over the weekend for friend. Just have to sew up the ankle openings and tuck ends. Then wash. Brown BluefaceLiecester/Cheviot cross I have a lot of. I think I have most of that fleece spun up. I run into more skeins of it all the time. It is one of the first fleeces I ever got and not very soft. Some of the skeins are real interesting cause they are amoung some of my very early spinning. Then I run into the much better stuff and see the major improvement in my spinning. So Cool to see that progress.
Off to swimming now. Gotta get some excercise!!!


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