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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ok new post today.
I got some new fiber!!!
Shetland lamb fleece! Yummy soft and clean! From LaVonne Stucky out of Belgrade, Mt. I love her shetlands. So nice. This is what? I think the 4th fleece I have gotten from her. It is brownish grey. I think I saw the color described somewhere as musket. Some darker areas and some lighter. I think I could spin this in the grease. I almost never do that. Of course I will not be tired of working with this stuff for a long time so no sharing of this one yet. Maybe I will keep it all...... mine!
I will have another fleece comming soon from a cotswold. I do not have that breed yet in my stash. I got so anxious waiting for the shetland fleece that when I found a 1 pound bag of unwashed red mohair on the table buried under other things I went to washing it. Will post pixs of it I took while it was drying in the sunshine, gorgeous.


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