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Monday, October 31, 2005

Hello all you other Fibery Friends and others.
Well as it says at the top I am a Fiber Fanatic. Actually I think I may be a fiberholic. Ok so I admit it.
I collect all sorts of wools, thread, yarns, fabric, beads. and the equipment to work with anything that takes my fancy.
Things that take my fancy right now are: Spinning, bobbin lace, knitting both hand and machine knitting with lace-knitting being currant handwork project. Crochet and loom knitting are in there somewhere also. Nalbinding is also one of my on the go projects.
I have skills in tatting, beading, macrame(sp?) embroidery. I like to sew and did the quilt thing a few years ago. I ran out of room to do quilting as I learned more things and after I got married two people's (mega pakrats) stuff took up too much room. I think I have done most crafty things that are commonly out there.
I do seem to have a passion for the lacier things. I do not know why other than they are so beautiful and intricate. Lace work does take a great deal more time and patience than some other persuits. But oh my the results are gorgeous.
I have a stash of fiber that is getting pretty awesome. I should inventory it sometime but I don't like work. Do as little housework as I can get away with. That's not much. Actually it got away from me a couple years ago cause of my/our collecting habits so all I do is clean a little around the stash piles. ( His Mine and Ours)
WARNING: If YOU are a mega pakrat DO NOT marry another mega pakrat! The resultant nest is Not a pretty site. Well, unless you are a mega pakrat that is.
I hope to destash a little. So will post things now and then so check back to see how I am doing. If I am not doing Please Encourage Me to Keep to my Destashing.
I have a lot of wool of every kind. I love to collect different wool breeds, well I guess I reallllly don't need a whole fleece of all of them so some of the fleece and rovings could go. (no I will NOT part with all of it) Have to keep some of each.
Yarn is overflowing all over the place here too since I spin the wool into yarn, it kinda collects around the house. I will part with a lot of that. At least the yarn I do not have earmarked for projects in the next 2 years. Then for some reason I also seem to keep buying commercial yarns on EBAY. Another WARNING: Stay off of Ebay if you are a mega pakrat and have a compulsive personality! Also keep mega pakrat mate off Ebay, also. So if I dig around in those yarns I will probably be able to come up with some to part with.
What do you think I do with all these fibers and yarn and Stuff??? Make things!! Of course then I have a lot of what do you do with that things around. So I will have some of those. I love making socks and hats. Besides the lace. I adore shawls also. But how many of these things can a person wear and use?? Since I am running out of room to store them they will have to find new homes. I hope they find good loving ones.
Going to go do some more spinning. I am plying a maroon/with multicolor hues singles for a dog sweater for a client of mine. Oh ya, I almost forgot to tell you I am a full time Professional Dog Groomer. (more fiber) Been busy doing that for the past 30 years. Clients won't let me quit! I am also wanting to get back to the mysteryshawlalong that I am doing. Or should I start that pair of socks I need to have done before friday?? Sometimes it is hard to decide. It usually is whatever is the most pressing. I suppose that should be the socks but I think I feel like spinning. The socks will only take a few hours on the knitting machine anyways so I can do them later. I gave the other pair of socks to Pat yesterday to give to her nephew later this week and she wanted to take another pair along for her brother. Well I don't have anymore of that yarn spun so it has to be a different yarn but I can do it. (Pat is bestfriend for last 12 years)
So Goodnite all


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