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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hi fiber folk. Well I see this still won't let me make paragraphs. grrr. Fixed it!!
I have been very busy the last couple days. The shetland fiber is a dream and thursday I got the cotswold fleece I was waiting for. Very nice and different than I am used to. A lot finer fiber than I thought it would be. Silky. I love silky.
I love alpaca the best of all the fibers that I have as yet gotten. Believe it or not I did not care too much for silk. (ducking to avoid all the books the silk lovers are throwing) maybe I just did not get hold of the right stuff.
Of sheep wool so far my very favorite is Rambolliet. I have 3 fleeces of rambo. A creamy white lamb fleece(lamb tips) a wonderfully fine soft morrit and a very nice brownish black. I love the fluffyness of this wool when it is spun and it seems to be a might silky too.
In Alpaca I have a lot mostly browns, cinnamin, a white fleece a black fleece that is normal course black and a small amount of a supersoft black cria fleece and beige. I sent a rose grey fleece out for processing once to the wrong place and they had to add wool to it to process with their equipement. I did not know better at that time. I chose white wool to go with it. Choice was white or black.. It really changed the color and it was not the best wool that could have been used. But it has been a nice spin too. RULE Always ask how they process and do not send alpaca to places that have to add wool to process it. There are plenty of places to send that do not have to add wool.
Well back to work now. I am machine knitting a pair of socks for a friend who gave me a fleece. They only wanted a couple pair of socks. Not a bad deal! It is a good fleece for socks or rugs. Very black no brown tips. Some weak tips and lots of sand burrs. Some of the fleece is unusable due to matting and vm but about 10 pds of unskirted fiber should net out to at least 4-5 pounds usable fiber. I sat with my friend Pat (whose brother gave me the fleece) Sunday afternoon and taught her how to take those burrs out while I added my precious supersoft black alpaca to the wool mix to card it. It does soften it out a mite and at the least adds a bit of silky feel to it. Heheehee, she went home with more of the fleece complaining that it was addictive to do the cleaning out of those burrs and work with the fleece......heehehheh.... I got another one addicted!!!
so have some fibery fun this weekend folks.


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