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Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Lamb!!!

We had a new Lamb born Friday nite. We think around 7:30 ish. She was still very wet when Rod went out to check the sheep. I went out and we dried her off and got a pen built for them and got them under the heat lamp as the temps were going down to the mid 20s for the nite and it was already below freezing. This picture I took today after she is all cleaned up and doing very well. Scampering around so cute. She is definitely from the Shetland Ram "Choco" So this proves him out as a breeder. She is white with a bit of brown on her legs and tail and some apricot colored fuzzy stuff out of her neck. That may come from the shetland in her mom or from her father's chocolate color. I know those spots on her front legs are the same color as her father!
The Other two girls have not dropped theirs yet. Still checking a lot. We both have to work tomorrow so hope they wait or do well by themselves. We don't worry too much about "Snow" as this will be her second and she did well last year but "Jubilee" is a first timer and is better to be on hand. But Jacob's do well on their own too. One of the reason's that we are chosing the one's we have are the natural birthing records without help is high. We Cannot Improve On the Art Of God in the Birth of Any Living Creature. Gorgeous work the Creator does.

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