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Sunday, February 04, 2007

New spoiled babies came home

These are the new babies. Got them at the rabbit show in Sioux Falls, SD the 27th of January. Got them from a gal I met on the Yahoo Spindler's list. www.somebunnyswool.com is her website. These boys are 3 months old and are Jersey Woolies. Yep. More Fiber. I got .6 oz. from them already!!! They came starting their first molt. The white one in this picture is already plucked and the grey one is still in all his wool. He took 3 sessions to pluck. They are the same age but are from different parents. Were raised together so the breeder agreed that they could room together just fine. They do seem to love each other a lot and spend a lot of time grooming each other and snuggled up together....hmmm... which reminds me they are wonderful snugglers! They were very well socialized and rush to the front of the cage and sit expectantly every time I come in the bathroom where the cage is installed till warmer weather. (they were house raised) Lucky them the temps outside right now are in the below 0 ranges this week. brrrr. The poor outside bunnies are doing well and have full coats on. But, I still wouldn't want to be them!!! brrr. We give them a whole bunch of hay to burrow in to help stay warm and we did get them moved into the chicken house out of the wind and weather but no heat and no door. Just a nice south facing doorway. I did notice that Precious likes to sit in the sunshine now. We have not decided on names for them yet. Rod leans to Snidely and Dudley. For Snidely Whiplash and Dudley Do Right cause of the cute little mustash on the white one. That cutie would have been a show baby if he had had the color all over his nose instead of that little snip out of the end of it. But I think it is soooo cute. And his hair is really silky. He actually is smaller than the grey/blue one. Who is of course the more domenent one. The grey one is much more outspoken and demanding and very curious. They cannot have run of the house as I remembered that I put a lot of mouse poison in odd out of the way places, just the right places that bunnies would love to explore. So they only get to excersize in the bathroom as there is no poison in there, and I can close the door. They are not as good at not peeing on the rug as I would like but they do try to hit a litter box at least 1/2 of the time. They are just so much fun and so cute. And lots of work in the house cause 2 bunnies make LOTS of poop and pee! So have to be simi cleaned every day to keep the odor down and keep it liveable. And they have gotten even more spoiled in the last week.... Well... what do you expect an animal lover to do with two cute cuddly sweet baby bunnies????? Spoil the crud out of em of course.


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