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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Newton Hills, State Park Festifal Festival

First picture on the left is of Marti spinning on her very cute little wheel which I do not remember what it is called. She has a couple attentive little ones by her learning how to card wool. Second one is Barb with Pat behind her and an attentive lady learning about how this is done. People are always fascinated to find out people are still doing this!! We get lots of stories of wheels in the family or attic, etc. Next one it my wheel, off course I am taking the photo so I am not in the chair spinning on it. It is a Kromski, Mazurka. Made in Poland and imported. It's major selling points were: it's weight, only 9 pounds great for taking to different events also small size... it's price was mid-range. It's looks are Great and looks old and since I do a couple of reinactment events that is a plus.
This pix is just the other side of y wheel, the business side. I am spinning some Perridale wool that someone else had gotten from New Zealand. They were doing a stash reduction so I got some wonderful different fibers to try. This is the last of that stash and I have carefully avoided finishing this stuff off cause it is sooooo nice to spin. I could not find anymore of the peredale breed wool so just held on to this. This summer I found a source of white Peredale wool. So it is safe to finish this stuff off, I will still have more fiber from A Peredale sheep to spin up.


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