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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Sheep

Well finally gonna get this posted of my sheep. That's Choco on the left. He is a purebred shetland sheep. He is going to have a fabulous set of horns and loves to be scratched and to butt the other sheep around. It you can spot a black and white sheep in the background that is Jubilee the Jacob. She always cuts one of the other sheep away from me. Always one of the other ewes. The white sheep are a lot harder to ID from the photo. I can tell by their size and horns. The largest is "Snow" the oldest here now and mother to the next largest "Sweetie" her ram lamb born last spring. The other white is the merino/shetland ewe lamb we got up at Sheperd's Harvest Festival in Lake Elmo, Mn. last May. This is one of the pix I took the day I was dyeing all that wool yellow. I have since also dyed some with berries and some other found items and madder root. Came out kinda peachy leaning to the orangy side. Last Sunday was at the Homesteader Days At the Beaver Creek nature center and Carol was there with her dye pot. Yippie I did not know she was going to be there or I sure would have tried to have more along than I did. I had some Border Liecester wool along that she could throw in and it turned a lovely blue/gray. My hubby said it looked like a used SOS pad. Litely used. Actually a very pretty color. Tuesday I found out from Sue that her sheep that the wool came from had been killed by something that got in the sheep pen on sunday nite. So I will have to make her a rememberance something from his wool. It is pretty once I get it pulled apart and carded. A lot of work. Well it is getting quite late here and I have a big weekend. Need sleep. Goodnite all.


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